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Business Advisory Services

While in the process of setting up the business as well as in continuing the same, a business requires independent and active assistance on multiple fronts. These range from defining appropriate strategy to enter (hyperlinked to entry strategy) in the country to finding of suitable partner, if required and negotiating with them (hyperlinked to Partner search & Negotiation). We undertake such crucial activities for our clients.

Further, there are many regulations and statutes to be followed and rules and norms to be adhered. Keeping in mind the complexity of the norms and statutes in India, it is imperative that all regulatory and legal aspects of business are undertaken in most professional and perspicacious way. IBS has long experience in providing such regulatory and compliance (hyperlinked to Regulatory & compliances) related services designed to the specific needs of each client. And we have come to know that the requirement set of one client never maps that of another.

Besides these, we also provide complete accountancy and taxation solutions to our clients in association with our business partners.

In a nut shell we can provide you services in the following major areas

Starting Business in India

Forming Company in India

Registration of Foreign Companies

Foreign Investment Approvals

Corporate Compliances

Accounting & Taxation

Support local recruitment


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