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Entry Strategy
How a company wants to enter in a particular country is a function of what it intends to do in there and the level at which wants to operate. In India, a company can start business in one of the three ways
As a liaison office
As a project office
As a 100% subsidiary
Besides these, the company may enter via joint venture with an existing Indian company. Each of these modes is relevant for different set of entrants as entities incorporated under each of these modes is allowed a different set of activities by regulatory agencies.

We, at IBS take great effort in finding out the exact business requirement of those who intend to enter India. Upon finding out their precise needs, careful analysis is carried out on the legal and financial ramification of the each route. Based on this analysis a proper entry strategy is defined that best suits for the client.

The decision on the mode of entry is followed by a sequential process of interlinked activities, which involves liaison with regulatory agencies, preparation of legal and statutory documents and filing these with appropriate authorities. We walk through this entire process with our esteemed clients and undertake all these activities on their behalf as part of our composite service.
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