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Partner Search & Negotiation
The need to associate with a different business entity may emerge from multiple requirements; access to a patent technology, increase in market share, access to a preferred group of clients, desire to integrate along value chain and to gain entry in a new market are to name a few.

Whatever be the need, searching a partner is an extremely important and complex assignment. We adopt a three step process to zero in on the suitable matches. First of all, we define the exact underlying need of the client for forging a partnership. This exercise allows us to spell out the criteria on which the suitability of the potential partners would be assessed. Next step is the ranking of the companies based on these criteria. Third and final step is studying the option of partnership from target’s point of view. This gives the probability of the target company responding favorably to the client’s request for partnership.

Next is the process of negotiations. Any co-operation, however favorable, needs to be preceded by thoughtfully planned and carefully executed negotiation. We coordinate with clients to plan the negotiation, open negotiation on their behalf and assist them at all stages of negotiations.
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